Our Sponsors

Formed in the spring of 1982, Bangla-O-Biswa is a premier non-profit, tax exempt organization registered under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal revenue code of 1954, serving the Greater Boston area. 

Its membership includes over 600 families and  reaches several thousand Indians in the New England area. This organization is  dedicated to foster the cultural heritage of Bengal and involved in regular  community  events that includes 

  • Member appreciation day (Picnic and outing) , sports and games
  • Children and youth programs (sit & draw,varieties of cultural programs)
  • Community service
  • Cultural exchange programs and dramas
  • Celebration of ethnic festivities
  • Publication of  literary magazines
  • Holiday celebrations

Bangla O Biswa takes pride in organizing and sponsoring scintillating cultural programs which brings in renowned artists form India and abroad and strongly promotes the local talents so bountiful in our community. Bangla O Biswa is involved as a consortium leader in joint venture with other cultural organizations of Greater Boston area.  Since its inception, Bangla O Biswa was very focused on creating a very comfortable and friendly environment for its members and since then it has made quite a reputation for its warmth and hospitality

Bangla-O-Biswa is run by an elected Executive Committee that  brings not only rich heritage with them, but, are well experienced to make each and every event an enjoyable one for the participants too…..

Visit us, involve yourself and see the power of a vibrant, dedicated community!

Our Mission:

To nurture and cherish the spiritual, cultural and social heritage of Bengal and embrace all communities in the spirit of harmony and unanimity.

 Our Vision:

  • PROMOTE awareness of Bangali ethnic identity and its cultural and spiritual heritage
  • ORGANIZE cultural events involving (without limitation) Bangali and other Indian traditional and contemporary music, drama and dance forms.
  • PLAN AND HOST periodic conferences and meetings to allow members to network, learn and share experiences for personal and career development.
  • ORGANIZE seminars and symposia involving Bangali youth, as well as other ethnic Indian youth along with their American counterparts to discuss the assimilation of the first and second generation immigrants within the American mainstream.
  • ORGANIZE events to raise funds for the relief of distress and other charitable causes.