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Durga Puja 2021

Bangla O Biswa is celebrating in person Durga Puja this year on October 9th and 10th 2021 

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Welcome to Bangla-O-Biswa


Bangla-O-Biswa is a premier non-profit cultural organization serving the Bangali diaspora in the Greater Boston area. It is a membership-based organization dedicated to foster the cultural heritage of Bengal. Bangla-O-Biswa was formed in the spring of 1982 and is run by an elected Executive Committee. Our goals are broadly defined in our vision and mission statement.

Bangla-O-Biswa organizes five regular events during each year. Saraswati Puja, Basanta Utsav (Spring Festival), Member Appreciation Day (Annual Picnic), Durga Puja and Kali Puja.

Advantages of becoming a Bangla-O-Biswa Member 

Bangla-O-Biswa is a member’s organization and is committed to serving its members.

  • If you are a member, your costs towards various Bangla-O-Biswa events are reduced.
  • The Picnic, held in the summer will be open to all members at a nominal charge as a Member Appreciation  Day.
  • Members and their family will be invited to perform in various Bangla-O-Biswa hosted cultural events.
  • A Free Annual Magazine when published will be available to all members.
  • Special events for children and youth of members may be organized.
  • Each member will have full and equal voting rights and privileges and the right to contest for the executive committee positions individually, irrespective of the type of membership.
  • Members will be eligible to participate in the Annual General Body Meeting and will get a chance to review the Association’s events,its financial status and any other matter that is important for the smooth operations of the organization.
  • Members participating in the Annual General Body will have the power to elect the Executive Committee, dissolve the Executive Committee, make specific recommendations to the Executive Committee and change provisions of the Bangla-O-Biswa Constitution.

Above all, being a member gives you a sense of belonging and ownership, and the ability to bring change.

Advantages of becoming a Bangla-O-Biswa Patron   

  • Patrons will get all advantages of a Bangla-O-Biswa regular member as mentioned above .
  • Patrons will receive free entry to all Bangla-O-Biswa regular events.
  • Patrons will get preferred seating in all Events and Special Events organized by Bangla-O-Biswa.
  • With consent from the Patrons, their names will be published on the website and the annual magazine.

Advantages of becoming a Bangla-O-Biswa Grand Patron    

  • Grand Patrons will get all advantages of a Bangla-O-Biswa regular member and Patron member as mentioned above.
  • Grand Patrons will receive free entry to all Bangla-O-Biswa regular events
  • Grand Patrons will be eligible to provide free advertising and other marketing materials on the website
  • Grand Patrons will get special discounted tickets in Bangla-O-Biswa organized Special Events